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Wonder goal from Xabi Alonso

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Wonder goal from Xabi Alonso
Now that is a long shot.
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Tuesday 9/26/06 - 9:47:05 PM
Now that is a long shot.
Tuesday 9/26/06 - 10:59:28 PM
Must suck for the goalie, having to live that down
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:20:09 AM
"Brilliant!", right. It was the keepers fault.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:22:29 AM
Oh wow, hehe. Such ownage in such a rival match!
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:47:21 AM
wow i feel sorry for the goalie guy getting pwned like that
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:54:08 AM
man i mean who would ever put that golie on there team is beyond me! man imagine that!!!
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 3:00:49 AM
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 3:08:40 AM
the fact that it's mostly the goalie's fault kinda takes away from it. Great shot none-the-less.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 3:09:46 AM
The keeper can't be blamed. Xabi was well up the pitch. Most of the time, they have ages to track back. It was great vision from the Liverpool midfielder.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 3:56:17 AM
I have to say that's the kind of shot I used to take in elementary school, and it worked just as well then, too.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 3:57:11 AM
his last goal before that one was also from his own half against luton
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 4:02:20 AM
That's amazing!
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 4:31:33 AM
Quality player. His last goal for liverpool was in his own half aswell.
He has scored twice in a row from his own half.

See his goal vs Luton here:

Wednesday 9/27/06 - 4:55:47 AM
"The keeper can't be blamed."

Mo0k, you know nothing about football.

If any goal ever ever EVER goes in from the halfway line.. it's a goalkeeping error

Wednesday 9/27/06 - 6:19:38 AM
You can't say that the keeper tripping over was a fundamental error. He may well have got the ball otherwise.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 8:15:56 AM
Dont they kill goalies for things like that over there?
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 8:56:46 AM
How could the goalie possibly block that? Let's face it: the velocity from such a kick would absolutely knock him into the goal with the ball, so it would make no difference except that the goalie would get a few broken bones. Amazing shot. Undue criticism from the peanut gallery here at I.A.B.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 9:16:52 AM
definitely the goalies fualt-- i mean, yeah, he tripped, so it wasnt like he completely sucks-- he just got caught off guard! i mean, great job seeing the opening and then placing the kick, but the goalie opened the door.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 9:33:55 AM
Videogamer, im not sure what sort of world you live in, but here we use air filled leather balls (OK so they may not be actual leather now, but that's beside the point). There is no way a shot from that far out would have the power to knock him into the goal, let alone break some bones. If that sort of power was possible, you think they would allow penalties from such close range?

The intelligence in this world worries me

Wednesday 9/27/06 - 10:10:18 AM
its not really the keepers fault because from such a distance you dont really expect a shot

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