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Hunter vs. Deer

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Hunter vs. Deer
Not really a fair fight.
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Friday 9/15/06 - 2:12:50 AM
Not really a fair fight.
Friday 9/15/06 - 2:29:22 AM
Maybe not fair but very just - good to see an animal win one for a change
Friday 9/15/06 - 2:29:58 AM
thats what happens when u kill a deer
Friday 9/15/06 - 2:34:10 AM
Why is his hunting buddy just taping him getting trampled to death rather than saving him? Fire a shot into the air, scare off the deer.
Friday 9/15/06 - 2:54:08 AM
Friday 9/15/06 - 2:57:30 AM
what a girl, get up, grab it by the horns, twist and get it to the ground then choke it out
Friday 9/15/06 - 3:12:02 AM
awwww... a priddy deer wanna play pat-a-cake
Friday 9/15/06 - 3:26:41 AM
That's what happens when you miss the first shot......

I'm surprised that it didn't used it's antlers, the guy would have been killed.....

Friday 9/15/06 - 3:30:16 AM
*oh that?! - That's just the head of a hunter that thought I was just a deer!- lil did he know I'm supa deer! n I know kun-fu*
Friday 9/15/06 - 3:39:40 AM
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:16:58 AM
GO DEER! I Hate Hunters.
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:26:33 AM
LMAO Hunter = PWNED! Dam doesn't he carry a knife or something, start stabbing the thing.


Friday 9/15/06 - 4:35:07 AM
HA! That's what you get for hunting for sport. The deer could've killed him. That was just a warning.
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:36:57 AM
I hope to God this section doesn't turn into a montage of "OMGLOL GO DEER HUNTERZ SUK!11!"
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:59:00 AM
"GO DEER! I Hate Hunters."

Maybe that's because you've never met one and understood what hunting is really like. There's a difference between hunters and poachers, you know, and PETA isn't always right.

Friday 9/15/06 - 4:59:26 AM
Scratch that: PETA's NEVER right...but I digress...and triple post.
Friday 9/15/06 - 5:06:43 AM
unfair for the deer. the hunter had a freaking gun.


Friday 9/15/06 - 6:03:54 AM
Yeh not so tough without yer gun, are ya? Boxtop I'll take whatever opinion I like, and killing animals for 'sport' is disgusting.
Friday 9/15/06 - 6:11:34 AM
totally fair fight.;; wouldn't have been fair if the deer had had a gun
Friday 9/15/06 - 6:48:08 AM
Hahahaha sorry for laughing, that was just funny.
kimmylearose, thought the same as you! XD

200th post... w00t w00t!!!


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