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Weatherman vs. Cockroach

127 comments 3.6 46,139 views 14 years ago in Funny
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Weatherman vs. Cockroach
This is one tough weatherman.
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Monday 9/11/06 - 1:00:10 AM
This is one tough weatherman.
Monday 9/11/06 - 1:07:35 AM
HAHA.. I wanna be his friend.
I hate those things. Ugh. Can't they like, lay hundreds of eggs at a same? ::shivers::
Monday 9/11/06 - 2:55:03 AM
sissy lala
Monday 9/11/06 - 2:56:39 AM
A black guy with a white haircut. That should be the point of the video.
Monday 9/11/06 - 2:58:06 AM
Cockroaches can't hurt you. Now if it was a huge hornet or something, then that would be okay. But don't scream like a little girl on television over a harmless bug, even if it is ugly.
Monday 9/11/06 - 2:58:13 AM
roflmao that was great
Monday 9/11/06 - 3:01:25 AM
Dude is a flaming homo. But like when the big shiny brown ones start flying I am headed for the hills. Especially when you see that roach head coming for your face.
Monday 9/11/06 - 3:03:13 AM
I've never seen this character from Dave Chapelle. Funny stuff!
Monday 9/11/06 - 3:09:10 AM
What a cry-baby, anything that fits under the sole of your shoe, shouldn't scare you.......
Monday 9/11/06 - 3:14:55 AM
Yeah, they can't hurt you, but they're drating ugly! Grahhhh...
Monday 9/11/06 - 3:16:02 AM
I used to get those things by the antennas and throw'em around at people back when I was smaller....Now I freaken hate those things. O.O
Monday 9/11/06 - 3:20:08 AM
I hate roaches and Windows Media Player.
Monday 9/11/06 - 3:40:44 AM
Don't you just love the way gays act like girls! Come on BE A MAN!!!

And as for the egg laying question- some lay in oothecae (egg sacs) with up to 100 eggs or so... some give birth to live young one at a time...

Monday 9/11/06 - 3:54:14 AM
that's a camp classic
Monday 9/11/06 - 4:00:37 AM
Does William Shatner know someone stole his toupee?
Monday 9/11/06 - 4:29:09 AM
omg, produtto... thats a good point. ive never actually noticed a white haircut on a black face b4. wow.
Monday 9/11/06 - 5:23:51 AM
"A black guy with a white haircut. That should be the point of the video"

what the F**K is a white haircut?


Monday 9/11/06 - 5:37:18 AM
What a fudging homo wuss
Monday 9/11/06 - 6:39:33 AM
Hard to believe that this reaction is genuine. Embarrassing.
Monday 9/11/06 - 7:01:13 AM
I love this video! I saw it on ebaums the other day.

He looks like a fun gay guy, though.


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