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Page Cannot Be Displayed - Hate it when this happens.

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Saturday 9/2/06 - 7:54:01 PM
Hate it when this happens.
Saturday 9/2/06 - 10:17:37 PM
*cannot post because he is outside*
*on his laptop*
Sunday 9/3/06 - 2:51:26 AM
just wait until someone posts "shopped" and i will laugh my ass off
Sunday 9/3/06 - 2:55:46 AM
"Computer-induced stupor??" WTF, being on the computer for hours at a time makes me feel more awake!
Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:08:57 AM
^^Yes, someone will post "shopped," and someone else will surely post a "this can't be real. My cousin's friend's neighbor works for Microsoft and he said that even though they're working on something like this, it isn't out yet..."

So, did you know that you can't play trumpet with your ears? I didn't. Had to be told.

Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:09:09 AM
skeet shooting?

does that mean skeeting in someone's grill???

sounds like a plan!

Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:10:37 AM
Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:12:26 AM
lol if i would not be online or playing for at least 10 hours a day (on vacation usually 16 h) i would start to shake like a drink shaker and sweat like mad...
Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:16:58 AM
This is a shop. I can tell from the pixels and by having seen quite a few shops in my time.
Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:21:09 AM
This one's a good one i like it
Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:21:23 AM
Well, no shyt "this is a shop." If only it were real...if only.
Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:23:36 AM
I was being Sarcastic Kidding because someone said someone was bound to post "Shopped"
Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:27:02 AM
yeah that was stupid
Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:34:12 AM
Why you gotta be that guy? C'mon, you're better than that.
Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:34:54 AM
Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:36:24 AM
Yes Puppet, I know sarcasm when I see it. I just wish you hadn't, because it would have been nice to see a comment page without somebody saying that.
Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:49:41 AM
dude,that sucks, i am outside!
Sunday 9/3/06 - 3:50:35 AM
I'm shocked no one HAS said it yet.


Sunday 9/3/06 - 4:00:14 AM
upendy, puppet funk already said it.


I wonder if this would happen to me...

Sunday 9/3/06 - 4:17:26 AM
What does 'skeet' mean?

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