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Happy Birthday, World Wide Web!

41 comments 2.6 15,684 views 15 years ago in Science & Technology
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Happy Birthday, World Wide Web!
15 years old already?
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Tuesday 8/8/06 - 1:29:10 AM
15 years old already?
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:03:06 AM
sorry.... now i feel extremely sad....
..although extremely horny!

happy 15th year of boobie-filled porn, www!

Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:07:37 AM
Mm.. I thought it was older... Ah well, Happy f*ckin' birthday! Woop-dee-doo
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:08:44 AM
only 15 years? huh. i'd think that it'd be older than that.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:13:26 AM
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:15:35 AM
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:15:49 AM
Yay im 15 too
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:16:26 AM
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:49:02 AM
its crazy to think about
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 3:20:33 AM
im just as old as the internet, makes me fell even smaller
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 3:24:52 AM
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 4:24:48 AM
15 Years old eh? Hm. Almost legal tender o.o
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 4:51:45 AM
I Am Older Than The Internet! That Sounds Cool. I Can't Believe It's Only 15 Years Old.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 5:33:44 AM
its as old as i am!

the internet and i are best friends ...

she prefers 'information super-highway' to 'internet.'

Tuesday 8/8/06 - 6:49:56 AM
Wow. The Internet has changed my life. I can't imagine living without it...but I read somewhere that one day there'll be a massive virus that will crash the whole Internet sorry if I've depressed anyone
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 7:04:37 AM
mwuahha i'm older than the not that exciting but i remember when i first got the internet, ahh dial up, no phone calls could be made, your computer would spend ages making funny beepy noises...good times
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 7:21:15 AM
i remember when i first saw it, i was quite young but it was my uncle who had got it and i always remember my aunt saying they should get rid of it because he might catch a virus from it lolol makes me feel old being older than the www. :P
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 8:17:28 AM
...and all invented by an englishman!
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 8:32:05 AM
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear www! Happy birthday to YOU!!!!
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 8:48:11 AM
Forgive me if I do not bake it a cake, it was around years and years ago, but it was not used by the public so it was not called the www, just the web. It was used in the war (not sure what one, probebly the cold war) to send e-mails in a silent way that nobody could overhear. Likt text really.

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