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Optimus Prime`s blog. No, seriously.

39 comments 2.9 14,312 views 13 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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Optimus Prime`s blog. No, seriously.
Dude changes his name to Optimus Prime, fights in war, keeps blog.
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Tuesday 8/8/06 - 12:53:58 AM
Dude changes his name to Optimus Prime, fights in war, keeps blog.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:15:12 AM
1st post! ow he must really like that show
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:15:54 AM
I really hope this man fiery plastic
or...the bad transformers come and step on him
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:16:26 AM
omg that's hilarious what a noob
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:18:50 AM
well i wouldnt say that, he is protecting our country! He can change his name to whatever he wants.. It's still funny though.. his friends must go
"Hey John.. i mean Optimus Prime, wanna go for a drink?" lol
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:49:42 AM
What. An. Idiot.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 3:00:40 AM
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 3:10:59 AM
i wanna change my name to bender bending rodriguez
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 3:18:39 AM
WOW. Just wow...
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 4:48:21 AM
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 5:05:28 AM
lol nerd indeed
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 5:21:02 AM
goddamn speechless
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 6:16:33 AM
haha, that's sweet... In norway, some guys changed a friend's name - it's no big fuss here - from Eirik Pedersen to Eirik Peirik Pling Pedersen... it was all over the news and everyone thought it was hillarious, though he could have sued his buddies for forging his signature and all :p
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 7:28:52 AM
Hahaha! I can't help but think of Elias on Clerks 2.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 8:23:30 AM
Next he is going to get surgary to be able to transform. From human to a pile of guts because plastic surgary nearly always goes wrong.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 10:03:13 AM
Isn't this one of those fake news sites?
Please tell me it is.
Oh God, tell me it's a joke.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 11:38:39 AM
I think I heard of a previous person changing their name to Optimus Prime. I dunno, I'm sure I heard about it about like a year or 2 ago.

Anyway if I was going to change my name to any type of toy it would also definatly be Optimus Prime. It's just a great name. If I was beating the crap out of someone I would say "Optimus Prime is kicking your ass!". If they didn't know me they would be all confused.

When he signs checks or signs his name people must think he's a smart ass.

Tuesday 8/8/06 - 12:57:56 PM
if you read it all then it STILL makes no sense.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 1:21:05 PM
im changing my name to noel edmunds
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:20:09 PM
wow...he has...Issues...

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