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1980s games remade

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1980s games remade
Play online classic games from the 80s, remade in flash.
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Monday 8/7/06 - 7:43:30 PM
Play online classic games from the 80s, remade in flash. Very handy little site. Replay all those classics...
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:24:39 AM
Wow, my new favorite site.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:29:17 AM
Great find.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:32:12 AM
i sense a copy-right scandal
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:49:36 AM
Some of those games are godawful.. Like the 3rd metal slug rampage.. There's tanks that kill you in 3 hits and you cant jump over or stop the bullets? Great.

I thought it was gonna be real games, just imitation flashes people made, kinda lame.

Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:50:35 AM
Since when is WC3: FT a 1980s game.. lol?
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:52:47 AM
You know what would be cool? If they redid SEGA games. Well, not just Sonic. Ecco would be a cool remake.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 3:05:19 AM
OMG ECCO.. Best game ever.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 3:14:05 AM
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 3:15:16 AM
i already hav all these games on my comp. this 1 person put like all kinds of arcade games on here. i even hav the simpsons arcade game!
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 3:47:20 AM
None of the audio works correctly but great games nonetheless.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 3:52:11 AM
Cool, these games are ace!!
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 4:01:04 AM
most of the games are very sub par. but it's not bad.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 5:11:53 AM
I also enjoyed the Contra where you couldn't see bullets and/or most of the enemy.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 5:22:26 AM
the warcraft 3 remake is 1k times worse then the real game, even the FIRST warcraft is better then that, BOO!!!
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 6:03:35 AM
Well, for all of you who haven't played the ORIGINAL warcraft from 1994 (not 80's at all, then) called "Orcs and humans", the one named frozen throne on this site is obviously misnamed. The game here is a flash version of the first game in the series, although it's somewhat simplified. Also, the prince of persia game was sweet, really cool to see that again since I'm playing the two thrones (3rd installment in the modern series) these days :D
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 7:08:13 AM
i've not played the original warcraft but i thought this one was good but a bit dissapointed that there was only 1 mission, still cool though, and the other games were good aswell nice to see 'Q-bert' or 'W-bert' as it is on there and also kung-fu :D
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 9:32:20 AM
Bummer, site seems to be getting slammed. I was hoping to check out Ultima online, but it never loaded properly. Happens to every flash RPG remake I come across, what's up with that?
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 9:58:37 AM
Meh, i thought it would be better than it is and some of the games dont even work.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 1:10:59 PM
i thought most of these were already made but better

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