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Frozen Russian Tunnel

41 comments 2.4 15,277 views 14 years ago in Entertainment
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Frozen Russian Tunnel
Lots of cars slip, crash, flip and bash.
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Saturday 6/24/06 - 3:36:53 AM
Lots of cars slip, crash, flip and bash.
Saturday 6/24/06 - 3:53:46 AM
Funny stuff.
Saturday 6/24/06 - 3:56:23 AM
Seen This A Billion Times.
Saturday 6/24/06 - 4:04:05 AM
surely theyd learn to go slower. stupid russians
Saturday 6/24/06 - 4:07:56 AM
REEEEEPOST! So old. There are always crashes in that tunnel.
Saturday 6/24/06 - 4:28:03 AM
they posted that like a mounth ago but they dont take the stuff i post? WTF???
Saturday 6/24/06 - 5:24:23 AM
ha quit your bitchin' and get 1000 posts
Saturday 6/24/06 - 6:12:22 AM
When the two trucks collide and tips over, shouldn't people be helping them, instead of those cars just trying to drive around? Crazy Russians...
Saturday 6/24/06 - 6:19:26 AM
YIKES! thats gotta hurt lol
Saturday 6/24/06 - 8:25:47 AM
OMG the buses, maybe they should lower the speed limit
Saturday 6/24/06 - 9:00:19 AM
i liked the song :) the big bus was the best...
Saturday 6/24/06 - 9:40:30 AM
Was funny because were russians. Bloody russians.
Saturday 6/24/06 - 9:47:02 AM
Yeah this is a repost right? I still liked the bus.
Saturday 6/24/06 - 9:55:52 AM
hey I remember this! It had a different song last time though.
Saturday 6/24/06 - 10:06:36 AM
seriously, you think they'd learn to drive cautiously.
Saturday 6/24/06 - 10:45:30 AM
Bencraft, Russians are not stupid. I bet my family are smarter than your whole family put together! Don't dis us Russians. I was born here, but my entire family was born in Russia.

For that clip, that tunnel is not frozen. Its just people driving really fast going into a turn they crash. This tunnel is known as the most dangourus tunnel in the world.

Before people post bullcrap like Russians are crazy and that stuff is funny, well its not. What if I put you in a car and I told you to go fast and you crashes, it won't be so funny now would it?

Saturday 6/24/06 - 11:48:35 AM
crazy russians.. repost
Saturday 6/24/06 - 1:02:03 PM
I can't get my head round what happened with those 2 lorries at 0:56... Ah well, liked the bus
Saturday 6/24/06 - 1:03:34 PM
Lol-i love that bus. I always think its weird when people dont stop to help people in car crashes, like where ever you are going is more important than the womans-maybe-life your just driving by. How do you feel when you get to your destination?
Saturday 6/24/06 - 1:12:42 PM

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