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Just Not Trying Anymore

18 comments 2.5 13,479 views 16 years ago in Funny
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Just Not Trying Anymore
Funny fake celebrity news.
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Wednesday 3/8/06 - 9:19:54 PM
Funny fake celebrity news.
Thursday 3/9/06 - 2:38:45 AM
Thursday 3/9/06 - 2:43:20 AM
Thursday 3/9/06 - 9:59:10 AM
how funny, were they trying to be sereious or is this just a prank site?
Thursday 3/9/06 - 10:45:08 AM
Hilary Duff does look a lot like Ron Jeremy.
And if i had Lindsay Lohan's boobs before she got all anorexic, I'd be afraid to lose weight! I would NOT want to lose those!
Thursday 3/9/06 - 2:38:49 PM

Thursday 3/9/06 - 2:39:09 PM
funny shiz right thurr!
Thursday 3/9/06 - 5:05:46 PM
Thursday 3/9/06 - 6:18:53 PM
either that chin is photoshopped or- god damn.
Thursday 3/9/06 - 6:19:50 PM
wow. wtf was that??
Thursday 3/9/06 - 9:58:53 PM
Who'll be the first to scream photoshopped?
Friday 3/10/06 - 12:34:10 AM
I love how they stuck Ron Jeremy in Hilary Duff's pics. Hilary Duff = overweight, male porn star? I've often said that's who she'll be 10 years from now...
Maybe it's a prediction site, and they'll get the last laugh when it all comes true.
Friday 3/10/06 - 11:21:00 PM
how was that funny?
Saturday 3/11/06 - 4:13:45 PM
i was worryingly good at guess the boobs.
Sunday 3/12/06 - 3:26:39 PM
Well that was cool...and by cool I mean I couldn't see it...
Thursday 3/30/06 - 11:07:56 AM
This site rocks! Always worth a laugh - I especially like the celeb rips...nice!

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