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Street Magic

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Street Magic
How to remove a bra in seconds (click on video one).
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Friday 2/17/06 - 9:47:32 PM
How to remove a bra in seconds (click on video one).
Saturday 2/18/06 - 2:32:49 AM
That was dumb.
Saturday 2/18/06 - 2:37:13 AM
No, he good.
Saturday 2/18/06 - 2:40:37 AM
i thoguth this was gonna teach us how to remove the bra bah
Saturday 2/18/06 - 3:10:13 AM
I doubt the person would be able to do that easily if he did remove her actual bra. After all, we had to complicate things with the forward and backward clasping bras :P
Saturday 2/18/06 - 3:31:55 AM
Saturday 2/18/06 - 4:05:20 AM
Saturday 2/18/06 - 4:36:47 AM
Haha I found that kind of funny. If it happened to me I'd be laughing so hard.
Saturday 2/18/06 - 4:44:41 AM
Never got video 3 though... :/
Saturday 2/18/06 - 4:48:39 AM
lol, he's good, i need some lessons from that guy lol...
Saturday 2/18/06 - 5:49:13 AM
The was pretty the second one looked set up some how. I dunno and its weird that the guy thing wasnt talking...
Saturday 2/18/06 - 6:06:37 AM
Hail Mr. Toff.
Saturday 2/18/06 - 6:07:45 AM
Some sort of rank amateur. How slow.
Saturday 2/18/06 - 7:28:16 AM
Isn't that the dude on those 7up commercials trying to kill the other dude that looks like him? W/e. The last one was stupid. The lady didn't even check if it was really was her bra. If I was her, I would take that dudes mask off, and slap him, get the bra back, and shoot him. ROTFL!
Saturday 2/18/06 - 7:53:58 AM
Big deal...Let's see him take a bra off with his mouth, blindfolded, candles under his nipples, and the innability to say the saftey word because he's working on the clasp.
Saturday 2/18/06 - 8:05:20 AM
i wish i could do that
Saturday 2/18/06 - 8:29:50 AM
The last one is psychological. All the other cards he shows are red apart from the 4 of clubs so it stands out more.
Saturday 2/18/06 - 8:32:31 AM
On the last video he didn't get the card I thought about right. Heh.
Saturday 2/18/06 - 8:39:34 AM
ok....the bra was already in the scarf!!!! i can see that hump of the pad when he is parting it!!!
Saturday 2/18/06 - 9:17:56 AM

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