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Nacho Libre

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Nacho Libre
Will this be the best movie in the history of cinema? (click Video)
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Friday 2/10/06 - 12:35:25 AM
Will this be the best movie in the history of cinema? (click Video)
Friday 2/10/06 - 2:46:59 AM
runnning towards the first post! knocking over my grandmother and a 7 year old kid just so I can claim a first post! whew i made it! anyway it seems interesting enough. besides its jack black how could it not be funny?!
Friday 2/10/06 - 6:56:36 AM
I love jack black, can't wait for the Tenacious D film to come out.
Friday 2/10/06 - 9:07:45 AM
Looks pretty funny.
Friday 2/10/06 - 10:17:28 AM
jack black is alright, but the director thinks just because people speak strangely, it is funny, when usually, its not.
Friday 2/10/06 - 11:44:35 AM
I was wondering if you would join me in my quarters tonight, for some toast.
Friday 2/10/06 - 12:40:54 PM
Does StrongBad make a cameo?
Friday 2/10/06 - 3:19:54 PM
Aww Jack did so well in King Kong this is just bad. I think he should have turned down this role. Maybe someone like Horacho(spelling) Sanz could have taken it. I mean he actually is Spanish.
Friday 2/10/06 - 3:38:48 PM
I have like a sixth sense or something. I knew this movie had some tie to Napleon Dynamite before I clicked the link. Turns out its the same director.

Anyways, Jack Black does well in whatever role you give him, this one will be no different I think.

Friday 2/10/06 - 6:07:16 PM
haha thats sooo funkin funny!! damnnn i wanna see thaaattt...:-o i watched the trailer,u get a 4.
Friday 2/10/06 - 6:35:07 PM
whats with the nun? 0_o
Friday 2/10/06 - 6:54:44 PM
Ha ha, that was kind of funny.
Friday 2/10/06 - 7:07:32 PM
When I saw the two words Napleon Dynamite, I almost left the page then. The only reason I did stay was because it was a Jack Black.

Now I need to decide if having Jack Black in the lead roll makes up for it being directed by the same person who directed Napleon Dynamite .

Friday 2/10/06 - 8:17:50 PM
I love it.. a Mexican Wrestling Monk...
Nothing can be better
Friday 2/10/06 - 11:27:26 PM
jack black is my hero. I can not WAIT till this comes out!
Saturday 2/11/06 - 12:06:37 AM
-but the director thinks just because people speak strangely-

I'm pretty sure the director isn't the one that thought the luchador should have a spanish accent. Not only is it common sense...but the writer genrally has the main part in how his actor's speak

Saturday 2/11/06 - 5:15:53 AM
TOAST! Awesome. I can't wait.
Saturday 2/11/06 - 9:08:40 AM
Saturday 2/11/06 - 4:15:31 PM
No, I don't think so.
Saturday 2/11/06 - 5:45:50 PM
meh...I'm unimpressed. I get the feeling I would be awefully bored watching that movie. Jack Black is good, sometimes. I just don't see this as being one of those times.

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