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Political bias affects brain activity

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Political bias affects brain activity
Democrats and Republicans alike are adept at making decisions without letting the facts get in the way.
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Thursday 2/9/06 - 11:19:00 PM
Democrats and Republicans alike are adept at making decisions without letting the facts get in the way.
Friday 2/10/06 - 2:33:27 AM
I'm going to get knocked out of the sky for this, but ACTUALLY it's the exACT opposite of what I've heard/experienced. During school, (college)and recent years I was confronted by many democrats, who told me that they hated Bush. They stood around stating "Peace, not war, no war for oil, bring the troops home," and ladee da. (Which, I personally think is a large waste of anyone's time. Either go home and pray for it all, or take your kids home and DO something with them, stop making your 5 yr. old hold hate signs they don't understand) - Anyways, I'd approach these people and they'd rant about how incredibly moronic Bush was and yadda, but they could NEVER give me ONE good reason for WHY. They just continually repeated hate over again. And when I even went as far as to ask someomene who CLAIMED that he had said something if they even WATCHED the debates, they blushed and replied, "No," - In MY experience, the democrats are the ones who simply spew hate. My fam watch
Friday 2/10/06 - 2:35:47 AM
How is this news? Politicians ignoring facts AND logic...this just in: fire is hot, water is wet
Friday 2/10/06 - 2:53:04 AM
it didn't work for me..and i took away the frame as well...stupid computer!!!
Friday 2/10/06 - 3:06:34 AM
Everyone likes to be right. No one likes to be wrong. It doesn't matter what affiliation they have to anything. It just feels good to be 'correct.' :D

"The result is that partisan beliefs are calcified, and the person can learn very little from new data," Westen said. Too bad that many people think that if they just keep talking they can get other's to think like them.

Friday 2/10/06 - 6:59:50 AM
LKJSlain, did you even pay attention to the article?
Friday 2/10/06 - 8:46:49 AM
These describe Democrats and Republicans at their purest essence:

"The study points to a total lack of reason in political decision-making."

"The result is that partisan beliefs are calcified, and the person can learn very little from new data,"

Friday 2/10/06 - 10:28:05 AM
...Well, duh.
Friday 2/10/06 - 11:02:31 AM
Very good reason not to be a democrat or a republican. If you're one of these, get out!

That post by LJK is pretty funny. She cleary didn't read the article and is doing a great job of supporting it with her post.

Friday 2/10/06 - 1:46:35 PM
What this article leaves out speaks more loudly than what it says. Notice it never told us WHY most people are biased against information that hurts their respective political candidates. I the bias stems from the assumption that the person giving the negative information is biased. Take the media for example. According to

, the press is overwhelmingly Democratic. Given the constant omission of stories that hurt Democrats and flooding of antiRepublican stories in the mainstream media, it is only logical to suspect the media lies about Republicans. This would explain Republicans' skepticism of any damaging information about Bush. I confess that I do not know precisely what drives the Democrats' bias, bu

Friday 2/10/06 - 1:47:46 PM
ugh, I got cut off. Anyway, I was saying that I think suspicion of lying by the press motivates Republicans' bias.
Friday 2/10/06 - 1:55:43 PM
I think the idea of the liberal press is starting to get outdated. Fox News is the #1 news network in the US by a long shot, and is biased in the conservative direction. MSNBC is also conservative. On the other side, you have CNN and the networks. Seems to be pretty balanced. The liberals have newspapers on their sides to be sure, but the conservatives have radio.
Friday 2/10/06 - 2:06:17 PM
buddy, I can see why one would think FoxNews is biased because of the number of conservatives hosting shows on it, but I find that they report news about both Republicans and Democrats. The people might be conservative, but the news, as far as I know, is generally objective.

As for MSNBC, I suspected a liberal slant rather than the conservative one you detect. You say the media overall is balanced, but I disagree. The reason conservatives dominate the radio is ratings. Radio personalities are heard on more stations if they get high enough ratings from listeners. TV news and newspapers do not operate the same way, so there is more of a monopoly.

Friday 2/10/06 - 2:06:31 PM
The conservatives have all of the media, what are you talking about? Only Jon Stewart hasn't bent to it (and he's not even a real news caster is he?)


Friday 2/10/06 - 2:40:41 PM
On 2/10/2006 2:35:47 AM lolakitty72 wrote:
How is this news? Politicians ignoring facts AND logic...this just in: fire is hot, water is wet

That is one of the funniest things said on here in a long time! LOL!!

Friday 2/10/06 - 5:47:27 PM
SPrinkZ, you're obviously in denial. The vast majority of the press is liberal. The press is overwhelmingly liberal and it proves it every day. The libs have NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, PBS, National Public Radio, Newsweek, Time, and most major newspapers, most notably the New York Times. Conservatives can trust only FoxNews, some newspapers, and a growing number of internet sources. The vast majority of the press has voted for every Democratic presidential candidate in the last half century.
Friday 2/10/06 - 5:49:10 PM
Twist 13, I agree, lolakitty72 is a fountain of wit and refreshing humor.
Friday 2/10/06 - 5:50:23 PM
well, I'm a moderate and proud of it. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. neither party actually does anything. We need to reform many things, to many to count, that nobody ever talks about, but I certainly hear enough rants of about gay marriage and abortion. oh, and the war. also the whole system is not fair to third parties (guess who runs it). and most of the people who commit to a party are just concerned with some spefic moral belief. Morals and ethics are not the problem of the government. Also I just have to mention that I hate Americans who fiercly maintain that they live in a democracy. I'm surrounded by idiots.
(sorry for the rant there, it was a bit longer than I planned...)
Friday 2/10/06 - 6:20:26 PM
theshark350, you are correct that America is not a democracy. It is a democratic republic. It is democratic in the sense that a direct popular vote is used in local matters, and it is a republic because we elect representatives who vote for us in national issues.

You may think moral beliefs are taken too seriously, but I think they are in danger. I'm no fanatic about gay marriage, religion, or abortion, but I don't want America to turn into another Europe.

Friday 2/10/06 - 6:28:00 PM
I get it, if the government doesn't babysit the people, were in trouble. But I mean more people should realize we have more serious problems than whether or not gay marriage should be allowed (and we should all know better than to expect the government to do more than talk about it)

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