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Family Feud Geniuses

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Family Feud Geniuses
Name a country... Africa, Europe...
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Friday 1/20/06 - 4:44:00 AM
Name a country... Africa, Europe... Asia would have been a good option too.
Friday 1/20/06 - 12:46:17 PM
I Family Feud for this exact reason
Friday 1/20/06 - 6:07:20 PM
i saw that episode!! the answer was south america!!

(if you didnt catch it, thats sarcasm)

Friday 1/20/06 - 9:40:14 PM
I would have said Antarctica.
Saturday 1/21/06 - 2:28:59 AM
Not working for me.
Saturday 1/21/06 - 7:55:41 AM
Idiots Just big idiots
Monday 1/23/06 - 1:49:03 AM
I saw that show and thought they were so amazingly stupid, the whole family. And the way the host looked at the camera says it all about what he thinks.
Wednesday 1/25/06 - 3:39:05 AM
Wow! It's shows how much they admire the great countries of Africa, and Europe!

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