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Deviant Art

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Deviant Art
Join. Enter your poetry and art nonsense.
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Friday 7/11/03 - 5:28:03 PM
Join. Enter your poetry and art nonsense. Fun fun fun for everyone.
Friday 7/11/03 - 6:53:19 PM
I like this. A lot. Jon sent me a link to it a while ago, and some of the arm there is just really amazing.
Thursday 6/2/05 - 2:45:50 PM
Thursday 6/2/05 - 2:46:24 PM
Why do the smilies on here have to have noses?
Wednesday 7/20/05 - 1:48:17 AM
my user name is bigreader

I post mostly my art work there, but recently i posted stories

Check it out

Wednesday 7/20/05 - 2:05:54 AM
There are some fun flash games too. Here's the link for the second game.


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