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Mission Impossible III Trailer

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Mission Impossible III Trailer
Tom Cruise is back to disprove the word ``impossible!``
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Sunday 12/18/05 - 11:26:46 PM
Tom Cruise is back to disprove the word "impossible!" Tom Cruise is back to disprove the word "impossible!"
Monday 12/19/05 - 12:53:41 AM
Monday 12/19/05 - 2:46:59 AM
I'd personally like to know when the FuQQing mission is going to end.
Monday 12/19/05 - 4:19:54 AM
looks just like all the other mission impossible films e.g crap
Monday 12/19/05 - 4:49:29 AM
scarlett johanson was the original lead actress but cruise scared her away when he tried to get her to become a scientologist.
Monday 12/19/05 - 4:53:02 AM
also batman 2 dropped katie holmes because they didnt want their movie associated with that crap.
Monday 12/19/05 - 5:40:47 AM
Another day, another crap action movie.
Monday 12/19/05 - 7:28:59 AM
well i like the MI looks good to me
Monday 12/19/05 - 7:36:07 AM
Cruise has jumped the shark...
Monday 12/19/05 - 7:37:28 AM
Exactamundo JustMarc...
Monday 12/19/05 - 8:42:51 AM
OMG Bring on the cheese lolol And they made a 3rd one why?? lololol But what is gonna piss me off the most is I know I'll end up watching it at some point in my life.
P.S Isn't that guy that talks first from Red Dragon??
Monday 12/19/05 - 9:15:48 AM
Yeah it's the guy from Red Dragon along with Edward Norton, who was in The Italian Job with Mos Def, who was in The Woodsman with - you guessed it - Kevin Bacon....anyways
Monday 12/19/05 - 12:32:57 PM
I hate Tom Cruise...

Did Katie Holmes really lost her Job for a Batman sequel due to her beliefs?

Monday 12/19/05 - 12:35:25 PM
the scene where Tom hits the car looks super nice... The trailer as a whole is kind of weak, though.
Monday 12/19/05 - 4:09:48 PM
Looks like they're competing with the new James Bond movie due Fall of next year.
Monday 12/19/05 - 5:16:49 PM
Tom Cruise needs to take his medication...soon

Monday 12/19/05 - 9:35:17 PM
Boy I don't feel like seen anymore movies with this crazy lunatic! Go back to your doomsday cult tom!
Monday 12/19/05 - 10:14:01 PM
I am very sad that Philip Seymour Hoffman is in this movie as I like his work but I refuse to put dollars into the pockets of Tommy Boy.
Monday 12/19/05 - 10:22:25 PM
I haven't even seen two...I didn't think much of the first movie.
There's going to be a Batman, that movie was pretty good. I read that Katie is Catholic (just like Nicole Kidman)...does Tom having something against Catholics that he wants them all to convert to scientology?
Monday 12/19/05 - 10:43:10 PM
Ya, so I won't see this, not because its bad or anything, but I just have lost ALL respect for Tom Cruise. and John Travolta... I mean, do they really think that with their measly contribution to the Church that we can stop Xenu and the galactic federation?

Umm bobbyo, Tommy Boy was Chris farley... he was a damn funny man. Its a shame that he OD'ed on drugs when people like Tom cruise is still making movies... Chris Farley and Quentin Tarentino (Terintino; terentino what ever, I dont really know) are the only specs of originality in Hollywood, they were the only people not making formula movies, sequels, or movies based on books (shhhhhh about Kill Bill... it *ahem* "wasn't" based on The Bride). the point im getting at is that Hollywood is Crap... Crap which is done over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. well you get my


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