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Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now

48 comments 2.2 25,592 views 13 years ago in Funny
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Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now
The music video.
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Friday 12/2/05 - 9:17:45 PM
The music video.
Friday 12/2/05 - 9:48:34 PM
Meh... it won't load for me
Friday 12/2/05 - 9:49:34 PM
Oooo wait it's thinking about it...
Friday 12/2/05 - 9:50:15 PM
Nope... damn sounded awesome too
Saturday 12/3/05 - 2:53:28 AM
Good lyrics , but because I hate coldplay, i had no desire to listen to it for more than half a minute.
Saturday 12/3/05 - 3:38:03 AM
if they sounded like coldplay, this song would be 10,000 times better, and I'm not a coldplay fan (other than their first album).
anyhow, coldplay sounds like U2 now.
if you like coldplay, you should be listening to elbow instead... or go back to the source: radiohead & jeff buckley.
Saturday 12/3/05 - 7:55:27 AM
can't b bothered to wait for it to load. but on the subject, when i first heard "fix you" i thought it was radiohead
Saturday 12/3/05 - 8:20:24 AM
...Haha. i just can't control my laughter.
Saturday 12/3/05 - 9:08:37 AM
Nope..... Still... It's true though
Saturday 12/3/05 - 9:14:35 AM
It loaded just fine for me!
Bloody Brilliant!!!!
Thought it was every bit as good as a Coldplay melody and Mike Benn has a much better voice than Chris Martin!
Saturday 12/3/05 - 9:44:53 AM
or does cold play sound like everything?!
Saturday 12/3/05 - 10:36:29 AM
I love Coldplay...But that was hilarious. xD "This could be Embrace, Keane or Snow Pa-troool.." I hate all those bands. Especially Keane.
Saturday 12/3/05 - 10:59:49 AM
I don't listen to music and I found it funny. Yesterday it was on Paramount Comedy 1.
Saturday 12/3/05 - 11:33:06 AM
Got the video, the chords, and all the gestures down, but didn't quite get the voice. Maybe if he sang the whole song in falsetto he would get it perfect.

And I hate people who think Coldplay is better than Radiohead.

Saturday 12/3/05 - 11:37:00 AM
I-am-bored strikes again , "bandwith exceeded"
Saturday 12/3/05 - 11:42:33 AM
yup... bandwith exceeded!
Saturday 12/3/05 - 12:11:15 PM
Bloody bandwidth. Ah well, I'm sure it wasn't that good.
Saturday 12/3/05 - 2:12:48 PM
Saturday 12/3/05 - 3:01:14 PM
Eh...i dislike coldplay because they are overpraised..
Saturday 12/3/05 - 3:35:40 PM
my bandwith lacks labeto..

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