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The World`s Strongest Clown

43 comments 2.6 21,825 views 16 years ago in Weird/Silly
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The World`s Strongest Clown
Why are small children afraid of clowns again?
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Tuesday 11/1/05 - 2:16:24 AM
Why are small children afraid of clowns again?
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 2:28:45 AM
Ugh I hate clowns..
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 2:52:48 AM
Can he rip kids in half too? If so, I'm sold!
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 3:03:13 AM
Can't sleep, clown'll eat me!
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 3:51:18 AM
clown smash!
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 4:26:29 AM
clowns freak me out, ever since stephen king's "it"
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 7:35:16 AM
great now im afraid of clowns
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 7:54:18 AM
That's not as scary as the clown that climbs in windows and eats children.
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 9:16:46 AM
In answer to the question "Why are small children afraid of clowns again?"... don't know about them, but for me it was when one clown screwed up his juggling act, and a bowling pin landed on my head...
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 9:19:48 AM
and the chompy the children eating clown isnt as scary as the one that lives in your liver and grows, he rips his way through your stomach when he's ready to come out.
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 10:18:34 AM
It takes a specail kind of freak to dress as a clown. Hummm, most of you qualify.
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 10:31:37 AM
I'm 21 and clowns scare me. Not sure what it is, but they just don't seem entirely human.
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 10:42:49 AM
well i'm disturbed now
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 11:13:50 AM
O_o have seriously scared me..

liver living,body ripping clown?
Child eating clown...

and i thought Ronald McDonald was scary

Tuesday 11/1/05 - 12:34:43 PM
arghghghgh *hides in corner eating soap*
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 12:52:13 PM
ahh he's not scary! he has a happy happy voice. actually made me smile.




i think i'm disturbed.

Tuesday 11/1/05 - 1:15:13 PM
I want that at my birthday party, I would just make him drink alot
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 1:23:27 PM
that is one scary clown seems kinda gay dont u think a musculer clown
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 1:33:19 PM
I think clowns have things mentally wrong with them...
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 1:41:21 PM
Damn. 10 years of therapy down the drain. Thanks a lot, mooseyfate.

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