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Top 10 violent death scenes

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Top 10 violent death scenes
Good old fashioned movie violence. Warning: violent.
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Tuesday 11/1/05 - 2:06:46 AM
Good old fashioned movie violence. Warning: violent.
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 2:26:55 AM
I've seen almost all of them. Good find.
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 2:28:40 AM
No Dawn of the Dead???
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 2:33:34 AM
Those are gross, but the ones that I've seen that I think are most disgusting, are in Final Destination movies.
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 2:44:31 AM
specially in FD2.

American History X death was really disturbing,mainly because it made me think "wow,that was original"

Tuesday 11/1/05 - 2:50:14 AM
I really enjoyed the log through the cop car death in Final Dest. 2
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 3:04:06 AM
Mmmmm, Bonnie and Clyde.
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 3:38:56 AM
Yeah, FD2, love those death scenes. Watched it last night for Halloween
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 3:50:36 AM
Robo cop had a really violent death scene
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 4:49:24 AM
And the whole blood splattered garage-scene in Resorvoir Dogs.
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 4:59:05 AM
quentin tarantino movies all have graphic deaths. not necessarily violent, but very graphic blood-wise. hannibal wins in the screw-with-your-mind deaths. i don't know why, but the joe pesci death in "casino" disturbed me, too.
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 5:07:38 AM
I agree, they are stilistic, but still...
The worst are baseballbats and clean fists. Guns make a distance between killer and victim.

What about a list of the most fun deaths in film history......? :)

Tuesday 11/1/05 - 9:09:05 AM
robo cop 1 shud of been in there
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 9:26:09 AM
Why do people use the same adjective twice for posts here. WE know it's violent it says so. Is the "Warning: Violent" really necessary. People are morons.
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 10:19:41 AM
that scene in american history x is probally my number 1 too that really is a desturbing scene
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 10:43:36 AM
It was a cool death but you did not see that case I nominate the gluttony death from Seven
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 11:16:55 AM
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 12:20:17 PM
Anyone Got The Clip Of Of That American History X Thing, It Sounds Great!!
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 1:10:21 PM
You sound twisted Mikk3420
Tuesday 11/1/05 - 1:19:20 PM
that was good but ive seen better deaths that should be there

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