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Do you know what your eating?

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Do you know what your eating?
A list of how much of... natural ingredients go into food from stores.
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Friday 10/14/05 - 12:53:43 AM
A list of how much of... natural ingredients go into food from stores.
Friday 10/14/05 - 2:16:04 AM
Friday 10/14/05 - 2:37:52 AM
Wow. Looks like all you vegetarians end up being meat eaters after all.
Friday 10/14/05 - 3:25:38 AM
Yup, mold, rot, rodent hair, incest pieces and my personal favorite mammalian excreta. Stuff we eat every day. Just try not to think about it.
Friday 10/14/05 - 4:11:37 AM
right so absolutley everything is contaminated with insect legs,mouldy bits and animal poo!delightful!cant be real anyway,food goes through loadsa tests before it can be sold,yeah we all get the odd green crisp (potato chip to you americans etc.)but it dont bother me!maybe thats why some of this stuff is so tasty!!!mmmmmmm insect bits......
Friday 10/14/05 - 5:22:33 AM
"cant be real anyway"

Ummm… That info is from the U.S. Food and Drug Administrations Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition homepage. It’s a government website. Didn’t you notice the .gov domain?
The fact is that this stuff finding it into your food is completely unavoidable. The amounts listed there aren’t the amounts found in all food stuffs. It is the maximum allowable amount.

Friday 10/14/05 - 6:00:21 AM
Well I think that's me done with eating.
Friday 10/14/05 - 6:43:44 AM
"Well I think that's me done with eating."

lol, I give you a day, tops, then you'll either forget all about this or just say "to hell with it" since it never hurt you before.

Friday 10/14/05 - 7:39:57 AM
I'm not reading will make me paranoid lol.
Friday 10/14/05 - 7:58:33 AM
mmmmmmmmmmm bug legs.
Friday 10/14/05 - 12:09:50 PM
(AOAC 965.38) Average is 60 or more insect fragments per 100 grams when 6 100-gram subsamples are examined
OR Any 1 subsample contains 90 or more insect fragments
Rodent filth
(AOAC 965.38) Average is 1 or more rodent hairs per 100 grams in 6 100-gram subsamples examined
OR Any 1 subsample contains 3 or more rodent hairs

Seems to me that I have been unknowingly participating in Fear Factor almost every day.

Friday 10/14/05 - 1:27:11 PM
^ i know, that's the one that got me
Friday 10/14/05 - 1:36:57 PM
Friday 10/14/05 - 2:56:25 PM
*puts down her smarties* sorry guys, maybe another day..
Friday 10/14/05 - 3:00:50 PM
And we were worried about what people at fast food restaurants do to our food, sheesh!
Friday 10/14/05 - 4:37:56 PM
NO NO NO I can't read that or I will never ever eat anything again! I'm picky enough as it is!!!
Friday 10/14/05 - 6:37:31 PM
Jeeeesus, I'm already freaked out by eating in front of people, now I have to be freaked out about eating, too? I guess that ends my fear of vomiting tho.
Friday 10/14/05 - 7:24:28 PM
oh... I dont feel so good anymore... and its a friday! NOOOOOOO!
Friday 10/14/05 - 8:16:33 PM
now im gonna have to look at my food even more then usual before i eat it....nasty
Friday 10/14/05 - 8:17:06 PM
I must say that site was both distubing and informative.

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