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Soccer hooligan fighting game.
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Friday 9/16/05 - 2:46:56 AM
Soccer hooligan fighting game.
Friday 9/16/05 - 4:51:39 AM
hmmm, controls please... all i know is that 8,4,6,2 on the number padd seem to move the guy, now i need to know how to kick this fat guys ass
Friday 9/16/05 - 4:53:10 AM
ah ha!!!! space bar does it
Friday 9/16/05 - 4:54:49 AM
hmph, even after knowing the controls, it aint that good a game
Friday 9/16/05 - 7:21:59 AM
ok, how do you play this freakin game!!....the fat guy kicked my a$$!
Friday 9/16/05 - 9:49:11 AM
i got stuck on the bugger taht kept throwing bottles at me, and as soon as i got close he did some super headbutt move and knocked me flat
Friday 9/16/05 - 9:54:33 AM
ok the first bloke was easy, the second was impossible!
Friday 9/16/05 - 11:14:59 AM
the second guy is chippy
Friday 9/16/05 - 11:15:39 AM
chippy is GAY!!! all he does is throw bottles and bicycle kicks
Friday 9/16/05 - 4:12:20 PM
so you said that 4,8,6,2 move him?not workin.
Friday 9/16/05 - 4:15:35 PM
Arrow keys move him; the numberpad also has the arrow key capability (4,8,6,2) depending on your numlock status. space is an atack... no idea if there are/how to do specials.
Friday 9/16/05 - 8:45:32 PM
crap game, almost beat chippy once... when he throws a low bottle try to do that super jump
Friday 9/16/05 - 11:21:16 PM
beat chippy, boss thug kicked my butt...
Sunday 9/18/05 - 10:58:22 AM
yeah, same for me, boss thug stomped my ass

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