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How do you like them apples?

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How do you like them apples?
A tragic story of a lost apple. Warning: adult language.
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Thursday 9/1/05 - 12:02:35 AM
A tragic story of a lost apple. Warning: adult language.
Thursday 9/1/05 - 1:24:45 AM
Haha..the twist...
Thursday 9/1/05 - 3:15:37 AM
If he wasn't such a pussy he would have said something to the effect of "Give me that apple or i'll rape you with it" Sounds harsh but he would of emerged the victor. Instead he went home to cry on his keyboard.

Yeah I know it was a joke zip it.

Thursday 9/1/05 - 3:59:45 AM
jonathan, i've been watchng all your posts for the past month; i have one conclusion:

That was weird, the apple think i mean, not what i just said

Thursday 9/1/05 - 4:28:06 AM
Atleast he's not as highly strung as most of the people here. Ive read his posts and he never takes the piss out of anyone who post, but everyone is always ripping it out of him. Everyone is entitled to their opinion you know. So kiss my rear behind madmax.
Thursday 9/1/05 - 4:57:20 AM
LJ do't listen to 'em man. You got your thoughts, they got theirs. Thats they way it is.

About the apple, loved it. I love nice happy endings...

Thursday 9/1/05 - 5:29:24 AM
could have drawn it out a bit longer... but it was still good i guess.
Thursday 9/1/05 - 5:58:07 AM
Well that did alot of good.
Thursday 9/1/05 - 6:13:22 AM
Now Im hungry.
Thursday 9/1/05 - 6:33:14 AM
Why didn't he just grab the apple?! the pathetic fool!!

Also lets not start a fight on the message boards laaaaay-deees!

Thursday 9/1/05 - 6:49:18 AM
He started it
Thursday 9/1/05 - 8:20:51 AM
lol! i had a dream like that once! not the e-mail but i was in a supermarket nd this tomato was glowing...and then my bf came along with another girl nd stole it nd laughed and then chucked it at me.....:(
Thursday 9/1/05 - 8:38:25 AM
^^^ wow you dream about glowing tomatoes!
Thursday 9/1/05 - 8:45:27 AM
LMAO you have weird dreams. I have dreams about school.... and pigs.... and nightmares
Thursday 9/1/05 - 8:48:36 AM
I would do the same thing.

That bitch stole his apple and he wants it back. >=[

Thursday 9/1/05 - 8:50:34 AM
What a nasty dude...... you deserve to choke on your rudeness PUNK!!!
Thursday 9/1/05 - 9:27:41 AM
that was harsh.just for a fu*king apple?Go to a supermarket.theres loads there
Thursday 9/1/05 - 9:29:53 AM
^^^ Yeah, but he wants the apple that the bitch stole from him.
Thursday 9/1/05 - 10:11:21 AM

Thats so great. It would have been beter if it was longer though.

Thursday 9/1/05 - 10:38:19 AM
hehehe...he let a girl get the better of him...hehehehe... yeah, girls are better. hehehe

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