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I`m A Nerd

13 comments 2.0 8,739 views 14 years ago in Entertainment
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I`m A Nerd
A dude in his Stormtrooper suit sings a song about nerds.
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Monday 8/29/05 - 1:10:05 AM
A dude in his Stormtrooper suit sings a song about nerds.
Monday 8/29/05 - 5:15:33 AM
heh rock on!
Monday 8/29/05 - 5:18:13 AM
Only in America..
Monday 8/29/05 - 9:30:01 AM
not as gd as the mia-hi one...that one ruled!
Monday 8/29/05 - 9:57:58 AM
Haha, you could hear his suit flappin around while he played.
Monday 8/29/05 - 12:43:11 PM
What a nerd.
Monday 8/29/05 - 12:55:14 PM
that ruled!
Monday 8/29/05 - 6:06:12 PM
8th COMMENT!!!!!!
Monday 8/29/05 - 9:16:14 PM
Well, atleast he's not ashamed of what he is.
Wednesday 8/31/05 - 9:57:58 AM
He also can't sing, can kind of play the guitar and I want a Stormtrooper outfit. The scout one preferably. Looks cooler. Shoot me now ; D
Saturday 9/3/05 - 11:31:27 PM
Excellent pride in Identity- I wonder if he wore the suit waiting in line for Episode III

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