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Beer stand

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Beer stand
Boy sells beer. Warning: some bad language.
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Monday 5/23/05 - 9:59:28 PM
Boy sells beer. Warning: some bad language.
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 1:55:25 AM
aaaahaha! He's been drinking some too!
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 2:43:46 AM
Seen it before, but by god I'd hang out at his stand all day for 25 cent beers no matter what kind of insults he threw at me!!!
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 2:51:28 AM
You know what Comedy Central show I miss? Beat the Geeks. *sigh*
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 5:13:58 AM
Wow this is old! What a classic line, "Listen Hitler, there's no German beer here so move along".
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 6:48:18 AM
lol kick ass kid, i found it funny how the old bad came along, and said ur not old enough and poo and the guys with no underwear hairs
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 7:22:10 AM
Lol That's Funny. Smart Arse Kid.
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 7:53:00 AM
Cruxshadows ur a n00b
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 1:42:27 PM
What a frickin' wise ass punk... He should try doin' that routine in N.Y.C. He'd get Bitch slapped in a second & run home cryin' to his mama...
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 2:53:44 PM
that deserves a 4..haha
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 5:18:56 PM
Hahahaha, bitches get it for free >< Surprized he didn't get hit by anyone.
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 5:48:16 PM
Hilarious.... I love that kid.
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 5:50:51 PM
That kid is hilarious.
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 6:02:20 PM
lol the man show boy rules. I wonder whatever happend to him??
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 7:40:26 PM
his twin brother is
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 8:38:04 PM
lol that was funny how he said u don't even look like you have pubes yet and the guys just stood there i would've been cracking up if i was them, he isn't andy m.'s twin? is he? nawww
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 9:06:43 PM
Are you kidding!? That young man is now my hero!
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 9:37:07 PM
you can make links mobrule you jack ass. and no ones going to something with the word NAKED in it. any who the man show kicks ass. so 4.
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 9:49:00 PM
that it does
Tuesday 5/24/05 - 10:40:12 PM
Chris, shut up!

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