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Point and click adventure game based on real-life tribespeople.
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Thursday 5/5/05 - 2:16:23 PM
Point and click adventure game based on real-life tribespeople.
Thursday 5/5/05 - 2:49:13 PM
Very confusing and hard but kinda entertaining
Thursday 5/5/05 - 3:08:15 PM
Thursday 5/5/05 - 4:24:30 PM
very confusing I agree with that.
Thursday 5/5/05 - 4:55:17 PM
i cannot compute the purpose
Thursday 5/5/05 - 6:07:10 PM
Well you can't leave the building. it seems that all you can do is look around and light fires and lamps.
Friday 5/6/05 - 3:28:12 PM
im stuck..i've got a stone, steel, and a lamp. i have also lit a fire...dunno wut else to do.. maybe u can't do anything else since it is a demo..
Friday 5/6/05 - 11:01:28 PM
tribes ppl are cool, but some glitches..
Saturday 5/7/05 - 12:04:37 AM
link doest work
Monday 5/9/05 - 12:36:16 AM
Doesn't work for me either.
Wednesday 5/11/05 - 1:21:32 AM
I've opened the chest and drank from the bottle, so I've found the green room, the stone and the steel necklace lights fires. But as for the commands down the bottom where they say wait 10 minutes and rest I have no idea!

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